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The mission of LI Green  is to improve our region's economy and  create jobs by facilitating the expansion of Long Island Green  Economy.  Green Jobs.  Renewable energy.  Solar energy.  Green  education  Green loans.  Sustainability.  Photovoltaic.  Photo  voltaic.  Long Island Green  Long Island Green Homes. Green Drinks.  Learn how you can assist LI Green in achieving its goals of  transforming our region's economy through green energy technologies,  sustainability and pollution reduction's "Green Economy."  It is our  belief that this growth is mission critical for our community's  economic well being.  At the same time these efforts will show  measurably reduce the release of greenhouse gases and other  pollution. LI Green, working with key partners Stony Brook  University, Suffolk County Government and Bethpage Federal Credit  union.  Participate in LI Green's social networking and awareness  building events credit Union has created a program that is designed to  improve the energy efficiency of tens of thousands of Long Island  homes in the next few years.  Any homeowner in our region is  eligible to participate.  LI Green offers Free Energy Audits to  homeowners on Long Island.  Energy audits save money, reduce fuel  use, reduce carbon emissions, lower pollution.