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LI Green Consumer Education





LI Green Institute classes will begin in January 2010.  Please make sure that you fill out the web form below to  have a brochure sent to you describing the programs and  schedules.





Want to green your life without wasting your green?  Then you need to get educated.  The LI Green Institute, a collaboration of LI Green and the Center for Emerging Technologies at Stony Brook University are here to help.  Our inexpensive seminars are designed to teach you how to make smart decisions about green products and services in a non commercial, non sales environment.  LI Green Institute classes will give you the tools to develop your own “Green Action Plan” in a number of important topics including:

  • Home Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Safe, non toxic building materials and home furnishings
  • Green cleaning products
  • Organic landscaping
  • Home agriculture
  • Healthy eating

  • eduClasses  are taught by experts in their fields who are eager to help others  maneuver the rapidly growing "green" world.

    Classes will be offered at three Long Island locations  - Southampton, Stony Brook and Farmingdale -  beginning this fall.  Course formats will be 2˝ hour long seminars held in evenings and on weekends. 

    To be notified about class times and registration please click here to fill out this web form.


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