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Green Drinks Gatherings are networking events for people that work, educate, are learning about or have an interest in the environment. People from all different professions and/or interests including renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, organic landscaping, organic foods and lifestyles, building design, education and so much more, gather at various relaxing environments like restaurants, bars and wineries to just meet others and chat.  LI Green helps to facilitate these meetups  by holding them monthly in a number of locations around Long Island. These events have brought together thousands of Long Islanders to meet, discuss, collaborate, learn and have a great time.

LI Green Drinks is a chapter in the international Green Drinks movement.  At this time monthly Green Drinks events are held in over 550 cities worldwide.  Learn more about this worldwide program at

Q- How many people attend a LI Green Drinks Gathering?

A- Expect to meet anywhere from 40 to 200 like-minded people at a gathering.

Q- What do you do at an LI Green Drinks Gathering?

A- Have fun. Meet, network, chat with others, make connections for business and/or for personal needs. Green Drinks are for you and your needs or wants.  And please tell us what you do and we'll introduce you to others that you should speak to that might be important to get to know.  LI Green Drinks events are predominantly free form though occasionally we will have speakers, music, films, vendor expos and other presentations.

Q-Are the drinks really green?

A- Actually the name Green Drinks relates to the tint of the mindset of people attending the events not what is being served.  Sometimes we'll offer special vegi juices, etc. but for the most part the locations we are in are serving adult beverages such as wine, beer and mixed drinks along with delicious munchies.

Q- Are there fees to attend Green Drink events?

A- Depends on the specific location and the arrangements that we are able to make. Often a very modest fee, usually $5 - $10, is charged to cover the food and other expenses of the location.  Other than that it’s just your bar tab.

Q- Where are LI Green Drinks held?

A- At this time LI Green Drinks are offered in these communities:

  • Hamptons
  • North Fork – often in a winery
  • Huntington
  • Stony Brook University (quarterly)
  • Western Nassau County
  • Nassau County South Shore (“Green Shore”)

Q- How can I help to make LI Green Drinks even more successful?

A- Consider an inexpensive company sponsorship of a Green Drinks event.  You'll be helping to promote your green products and/or services company at the same time to a very captive audience.  More information can be found here


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