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Homeowners aren’t the only people  who can benefit from LI Green assistance.  The LI Green Technical Services Team provides  assistance to all types of companies and not for profit  organizations both small and large.

Economically companies can no longer afford to operate without reducing their fuel and electric usage, as well as decreasing their material usage. Some of the simple steps companies can take include CFL and LED lighting, recycling, waste reduction, less paper output and printing on both sides of the page, potential telecommuting options and helping to put carpools together.

LI Green’s services focus on the next phase in corporate greening, items which will have tremendous benefit to companies and organizations.  These include:

  • IT infrastructure energy audits - Information systems are one of the largest consumers of energy in the corporate environment.  LI Green’s engineers will assist in reducing this load.
  • Commercial energy audits - Expect to reduce your company’s use of electricity and fuel by 15% or more
  • Transportation Efficiency - Truck, bus and van fleets consume a tremendous amount of fuel.  Through installation of next generation controls and lubricants as well as training, this cost center can be managed much more efficiently.
  • Green Training - LI Green’s technical staff can offer expert training to your company’s staff in a variety of green topics including energy efficiency, renewable energy, recycling and much more.
  • Business process reengineering - LI Green’s  team will help your company eliminate paper based handoffs,  thus reducing costs. 
  • Collaboration tools - Next generation systems streamline operations and virtually eliminate travel overhead.
  • Electronic invoicing and electronic payment processing - Reduce your company’s use of paper while at the same time reducing receivables.
  • Technology strategy consulting - Application portfolio rationalization reduces the number of applications and servers while at the same time improving productivity.
  • Project management services - Any initiative that drags on at a snails pace has a higher carbon footprint than projects that are run efficiently and aggressively. Scope creep usually creates mountains of paper - endless revisions to requirements documents.
  • Data services  - When your data systems work sub optimally, people tend to do a lot of manual workarounds.  At the same time direct mail costs can go up if you use that as a marketing method. Recently one of our clients cleaned up its customer data during a new CRM system implementation and cut their direct mail costs by $300,000 per year. These initiatives have positive impacts, both on the environment and on your company’s bottom line.
  • Out of the Box- Next generation operational methods - We've all thought through carpools, but how about routing common service providers to the employees at end of day for things like dry-cleaning, peapod deliveries, common lunch orders, , Corporate SPONSORED Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), internal corporate Freecycle programs.  The sky’s the limit.
  • As a not for profit organization LI Green’s fees are highly competitive.  To learn more about these programs and to schedule a no obligation meeting contact our Technical Services Coordinator at 631-721-1908 or at


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